Popular by its pet name ‘God’s own country’, it is one of the most desired locations for tourists around the globe. A state wrapped in greenery, backwaters and silent beaches, Kerala holds many attractions for the traveller who is looking for a unique, out of the world experience. Another enchanting thing about Kerala is that, its mountains, beaches and forests are separated only by a few hours drive from one place to the other. The most challenging task in visiting Kerala is leaving Kerala!

The state carries a long history of human settlements and cultural heritage which is evident from rock engravings in Edakkal Caves which dates back to 5000 BC. There are stone carvings and Dolmens in Marayur which belongs to the Neolithic era. Kerala was one of the main commercial centres of the world as far back as 1000 BC. The ancient port of Muziris is one of the oldest known sea ports that witnessed trade with Romans and Egyptians during that era. The remains of this sea port can still be found and is protected by the Archaeological Department of Kerala. Today all these pre-historic sites are preserved as tourist attractions.

Apart from the historical significances and the scenic beauty, this land also holds several titles in the modern world. Kerala is a state with 99 percent literacy rate. It is the state where the Human Growth Index is at par with the developed nations depicting a highly developed life style, hospitality, health facilities and social security. Here, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other religious places of worship exist in total harmony and peace. It is the only state in the world where you can find an Islam mosque located inside a Hindu temple in the popular pilgrimage centre Sabari Mala, which shows the extent of the religious harmony that exist here. It has won the Trip Advisor’s and the traveller’s choice award for the second best destination in Asia in 2010, the National Geographic lists Kerala as one of the ‘10 paradises of the world’ and so goes the list of credits this beautiful land has received for its vibrant diversity, both natural as well as cultural. So check it out for yourself and pack your bags.

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